De-Stressing At The Party You Planned

September 14, 2017

Special events can be fun to attend, but extremely stressful to plan. Being in charge of making all the arrangements for a party or event can be a lot more work than you may think. But many times you do not have a choice. Whether that event is a wedding, a grand opening, gala, or even a baby shower, the planning process can become a lot and make the entire thing more work than fun.

While planning may be challenging and hectic, once the party starts, you should no longer feel stressed or worried. As the party planner, you should be able to relax, have fun, and enjoy your time at the party. This can be challenging and may take some practice, but it is possible. Stop stressing about the party and celebrate what you have created!

While it’s easier said than done, there are ways to help yourself de-stress the minute the party starts. One thing that you can do to make sure one aspect of the party goes off without a hitch, it is use ROUGE Fine Catering as the caterer of the party! At ROUGE, we serve delicious, gourmet food that will wow your guests and allow you to enjoy the taste of planning a successful party.

ROUGE Fine Catering also has a professional staff that can ensure there are no problems with the food aspect of your party. We offer delivery catering as well as full service catering. And we can cater to just about any of your parties—from weddings and corporate events to baby showers and game day parties. Every time you pick ROUGE, you can count on us to deliver the best food and service, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your party, or worry about the other aspects.

But we do not want you to stress about your party while we are your caterers. That is why we will be giving you tips to stop worrying about your party and start enjoying what you have created! To learn more about ways to actually enjoy the celebration you planned, read on!

Make Lists

Before you can enjoy the party, you have to make sure you did not forget any of the party planning aspect. Think about the event you are planning for and make a list of everything that you will need to have at the party.

For instance, if you are planning a football party, there is not a lot the needs to be done. Food, a large television, a good seating arrangement, beverages, and some other little details can create the perfect gathering for the big game. You can read more about planning a football party in our last blog!

However, other parties require more than just these simple elements. A wedding is a huge party to plan and if the bride is not doing it herself, she will either hire someone, or have the maid of honor help her with the task of organizing and getting everything done in time for the big day. And that is a huge responsibility. You will want to talk to the bride and make sure you make a lengthy and detailed list of all the things she expects at her wedding. Ask what she can live without and what is definitely mandatory. A photographer, a wedding cake, open bar, decorations, flowers, venue, invitations, and the catering are some of the main things that are most likely mandatory. By the way, ROUGE offer wedding cakes as well, so there is one additional thing to check off your list. A wedding may be one of the most stressful things to plan, especially when it is someone else’s wedding. A list will help to ensure you got all of the important aspects covered.

Other parties will be somewhere in between these two extremes. Most will have more elements to plan but they will also not have as many details as a wedding.

Making a list is a great way to stay organized and ensure you got everything covered. Once the party is planned and you have checked everything off of you list, you can begin to relax.

The Deed Is Done

One thing that many people in charge of the party planning have trouble doing is realizing that once the party begins there is nothing else that can be done. You have made all the plans and made sure everything will work out perfectly, but if the flowers show up late, or the photographer brought the wrong lens, don’t have a panic attack about it. You can’t do anything to fix these problems now. Simply ask if the photographer can quickly leave and grab the proper lens or have everyone download an app on their smartphones that allow them to take pictures and upload them to an event. There are apps that allow the bride and groom to create an event and have guests take photos that upload to the event. This is a great way to get the photos and see the party from another point of view. Problem solving is key but stressing doesn’t help.

Once you walk into the party, push the planning duties out of your mind and enjoy your time. Of course you can tackle any issues that come up, but don’t think about what might go wrong or things that you have no control over. It will make the party miserable for you and is completely pointless.

Take A Moment

Making the plans for an event will cause a lot of stress and make you feel like you haven’t relaxed in years. After all the party planning duties are done, take a moment or a day to yourself. Take some time to de-stress and forget all about the party. Go to the spa, spend the day in the park reading, watch movies all day, or simply sleep. Making sure you are not stressed going into the party can help you from becoming stressed during the party. This also means you should not procrastinate. If you wait until the very last second to do all of the planning or to finish the planning, you will not have any time to relax and spend a moment alone. Don’t put off any planning duties and make sure you take time to de-stress.

Find The Right Vendors

You will want to make sure all of the vendors you choose are accountable and work hard to help your event work out as you imagined. Don’t go with some sketchy photographer who won’t show you their previous work because the camera was terrible quality, this may simply mean that they are not good at what they do. 

While it is hard to know for sure who is the best at what they do, ROUGE offers a list of our favorite vendors that meet expectations. Be sure to check out this list to get the best of the best at your event. You may even see a vendor that you forgot you needed!

This also means you must choose the best caterer. At ROUGE Fine Catering, we can promise you a high class meal delivered with excellent service. We work hard to be one of the top caterers in the Baltimore area. Our catering company service gourmet food and can bring your event to the next level. We can help you create the perfect menu for your event and needs, offer the best desserts, and we can even provide bar packages for the finishing touch! We are the right caterer for your events and we can help take some pressure off of your shoulders.

If you are still searching for a caterer, let us take some stress off your shoulders. Contact us to get started on your catering menu and be sure to check out our menus! You will like what you see and love what you taste!