How To Make The Holidays Less Stressful

November 20, 2017

As we grow older, the holidays become more and more about family, the people we love, and the times we spend together. We care less about the presents and more about the traditions. Surrounded with family and friends we work to create new memories, try to keep everyone happy and joyful and take in the little moments that bring everyone together.

But the holidays can also become hectic. With trips to the airport to pick up relatives, finding space for everyone to stay, and hoping that everything turns out as planned, it can all get a little overwhelming, especially for the host. There is a lot that goes into planning the perfect holiday celebration, but there are also ways to make it easier for you and your family, allowing you to have more time together and less time worrying about the little things.

At ROUGE Fine Catering, we want your holidays to be as happy and stress-free as ever. In this blog, we are going to give you some tips to have an enjoyable holiday season. Read on if all you want for Christmas is a holiday with zero stress and worry.

Don’t Strive For Perfection

If you have always been the host for the holiday get together, you probably have mastered the decorations and brought the wow-factor year after year. But as you most likely know, it takes a lot of time and dedication to get that wow-factor. Even though you have kept the perfect holiday house a tradition for years, your family will understand when you don’t set up all of the decorations this year—they may not even notice. Don’t strive for perfection, it will only make the holidays and decorating more of a chore. If you have fun with it and settle for “good enough” you will be able to get the important decorations up but not spend an entire day perfecting every last detail.

If decorating your entire house, from the floor to the ceiling, is enjoyable to you but don’t enjoy the time it takes to put them all up, recruit some help. Allow your kiddos and other family members to help decorate. And remember to tell yourself that is doesn’t have to be perfect as you watch your toddler place all the ornaments on one branch of the Christmas tree. Your family may appreciate the decoration more because they put work into them as well! This could become a fun family tradition.

Don’t Be Too Picky About Traditions

While we all love a good family tradition and try to get our family to adopt the traditions we had when we were kids, we should never push traditions. If you used to spend Christmas Eve making cookies and watching “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” don’t expect your family to do the exact same thing every year. Worrying and stressing about traditions is not the point of traditions. They should happen naturally and your family should enjoy doing them. Once they stop enjoying going Christmas caroling, you should stop the tradition. You can develop new traditions or just enjoy something different every year. Remind yourself that traditions are fun and you should not have to force them.

With that being said, there are probably some traditions that mean a lot to you that you want to keep going, so do it! If your family has cut down the Christmas tree for the last 10 years, but suddenly your kids don’t want to put in the time or work, you should do it anyway. Ask if anyone wants to go with, certainly someone will realize how great of a tradition it is and go with you. Keep special traditions going, but ditch the ones that are causing more stress than memories.

Shop Smarter

If you have a ton of family coming to celebrate the holidays with you, don’t buy gifts for every single one. There are many ways you can shop smarter and save money. Ask your family if they want to do a Secret Santa so everyone only has to buy one gift for another person. You could do this in several ways. If you have your brother and sister coming to your house with their families, swap families to buy gifts for a draw name. Your family can draw names for your brother’s family, his family can draw for your sister’s family, and she can draw for yours. This way everyone gets one gift and has to buy one gift, saving everyone money, and allowing the gifts to be a bit more personal and special.

You could also suggest a White Elephant gift exchange. Set a price limit and have everyone buy a gift that most of the family would enjoy. Draw numbers and have people select a gift. This is a great way to make Christmas less about the gifts and more about the traditions and the memories.

If you love gift-giving and can’t imagine only getting one gift, then give a gift that they will actually enjoy. If your family is bringing their families, get them one gift they can all use—a board or card game that they can play during their next game night, a gift card to a movie theater or their favorite restaurant, or something similar. This is a gift that they will enjoy, allowing them to spend quality time as a family, and helping you from spending unnecessary hours shopping.

Take Time For Yourself

During the holiday seasons, we often forget to give ourselves a break. Make sure you schedule some you time and spend it relaxing or doing something you want to do, something that does not involve the holidays or caring for the family. Read a book, take a bath, and spend time de-stressing. It is easy to become overwhelmed during the holidays and start stressing about the things that truly don’t matter, which can make the holidays much less enjoyable. This is why it is important to set some time aside for yourself.

During these hectic weeks, you should also make sure you are not giving up your daily routine. If you enjoy reading new articles for an hour in the morning, then do it before starting your holiday madness. Or perhaps you enjoy watching an episode of your TV show after dinner. Relax and spend a few peaceful moments indulging in some dramatic reality TV.

You should also make sure you are reminding yourself to stop stressing. It is easy to get in over your head, but constantly reminding yourself that you should be enjoying time with family and having fun can help you to stop stressing so much and enjoy the time with your loved ones. Remember that not everything has to be perfect and stressing about it won’t help. So, take a breathe, relax, and have fun spending time and making memories with your family.

Ditch The Unimportant Stuff

Some holiday traditions and tasks are not as important as you may think, and if you hate doing them, then simply don’t. Take Christmas cards, for example. These can take a lot of work and time, and could just be one more task that makes the holidays miserable for you. You don’t have to send Christmas cards or you could simply send cards to only close friends and family. Not every single one of your acquaintances needs a Christmas card for your family. Don’t make this task harder than it has to be or don’t do it at all, it is truly up to you. Think about the different tasks you take care of every holiday season and ask yourself if they are worth your time and if you actually care about them, even if you do, there are ways to make them easier.

Do Less

We already gave you the tip of not worrying so much about decorations, traditions, and holiday tasks, but there is one more thing that you don’t have to worry so much about—the food. No, we do not expect you to ask your entire family to bring different side dishes, desserts, or even a turkey. Instead of worrying about the big holiday feast, let us do it for you.

ROUGE Fine Catering offers a holiday menu, which allows you to pick up gourmet food for your holiday dinner. You and your family can enjoy a meal that is better than Great-Aunt Mary could ever make but don’t tell her that. You can choose from a selection of appetizers and hors d’oeuvres, salads, entrees, sides, and desserts, allowing you to choose an entire holiday meal that you can enjoy without all the preparation work. All you have to worry about is picking up your meal by the scheduled time. This is a great way to give yourself and your family a break. You simply have to heat up the food you select and enjoy a gourmet holiday feast surrounded by your favorite people.

Give yourself a break this holiday season and let ROUGE Fine Catering make the meal for you, not only will you have more time to spend with your family but you will also be able to enjoy a delicious meal that will amaze your entire family, yes even Great-Aunt Mary. Contact us today to place your order, and cross one more thing off of your to-do list.

Planning a Winter Graduation Party

October 23, 2017

Most college students work hard for their degree and graduate in the summer, either on time or a year late. Summer graduations are fun, exciting, and celebrated with family and friends. But there are some students who are a semester off and end up graduating in December. While these graduations are still exciting and important, they can often go uncelebrated and many times this is because of the holidays.

Your student has worked harder than ever before for the past few years and they finally have something to prove it and to be proud of. Celebrating their winter graduation should be a priority and is just as important as a summer graduation party.

In a past blog, we discussed the importance of celebrating a college graduation. And in this blog, we will talk specifically about winter graduations. At ROUGE Fine Catering, we know the importance of celebrating the special moments in life, that is why we offer catering for all events, big and small. Your child’s college graduation, whether it is in the summer or winter, should be a celebrated event. Planning a winter graduation, much like a winter wedding, can include a ton of fun winter themed decorations, activities, and catering, making it special and unique.


Let’s start with the menu. ROUGE Fine Catering offers gourmet options for any of your events, from weddings to Sunday night games, we can help you find the perfect choices. And that includes your child’s college graduation party. Creating the perfect winter graduation menu is easy because we offer so many different options. Make your student’s grad party memorable and special with a unique menu from ROUGE. Be sure to check out our full menu for more options, and keep reading for some great ideas!

Catering can change drastically depending on whether the event is in the summer or winter. Since you are planning a winter graduation party, you will want to think about what food and drink options to go with that will keep your guests warm and cozy but that are also easy to munch on. Graduation parties generally have buffet style entrees with a ton of different snacks. Finger food is a go to for grad parties and it is important to remember most people walk around and mingle as they eat, so finger foods are one of the better choices.

A few of our favorite options are a perfect fix of gourmet flavors and finger food, making them a choice that is unique and easy to eat. Don’t stick with the boring chips and salsa mix, while that is always an easy choice that everyone loves, ROUGE makes it easy to spice it up.

Our charcuterie board is a great option with a ton of choices. Get an assortment of sausages, cheeses, dried fruit, flatbreads, olives, and more all on one board with a beautiful display. Your guests are sure to find something they enjoy off of this board. Our crudité mosaic is another great options. This hors d’oeuvre option offers raw seasonal vegetables with different hummus dips and a french onion dip.

While soup is not finger food, they are a great choice for a winter event. And some of our soup choices are perfect for your December graduation party. Our pumpkin and apple bisque offers seasonal tastes, perfect for a winter event. Or try the french onion and the house-made chicken vegetable soup. Their options are classics that everyone loves and will enjoy during a cold winter day. Our house-made chili bar offers vegetarian and classic beef chili with a ton of different toppings your guest will love. Add our mini house-made rolls for a perfect combination!

As for desserts, there are many great choices that ROUGE offers, which are great for winter events. Our cinnamon sugar pretzel bites are an easy dessert that your guests can simply snack on. Some other easy and delicious choices are our candy cane marshmallow pops, s’mores pops, chocolate covered pretzels, and chocolate truffles. These desserts are easy to eat and small, allowing your guests to try one of each! As for great winter drinks to serve at your grad party, hot chocolate, apple cider, and Irish coffee make some warm and delicious choices.

ROUGE Fine Catering offers many great options to choose from, allowing you to find the perfect menu for your student’s graduation party. Be sure to check out our menu to find the perfect selections! Now, let’s move on to the rest of the party.


Decorating for a graduation party generally includes a ton of the school colors and the graduate’s photos. While this is always a great and easy option, there are ways to incorporate holiday and winter decoration in as well. If you have a Christmas tree up, replace your usual ornaments with some bulb ornaments that are the school’s colors. You can also hang your student’s old school ornaments up, the ones that they made throughout elementary school. Many of these probably have old pictures of them, others may be old crafts they created. These are fun because it can show the transformation from child to adult—the beginning of their school career and the end.

If it is snowing outside, and not melting, build a snowman and dress him in your student’s school apparel. Put a hat, scarf, and sweatshirt on the snowman to help represent the school. You could even add the graduation cap to the snowman for an extra touch. This could also help people know exactly where the party is and is a fun activity to do with your family, even though your child is graduating college doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy building a snowman.

Hanging streamers and balloons using the school colors are an easy option for grad party decoration, but take it a step further and add some holiday spirit in the mix with lights. Find string lights that are the school colors and hang them around the home. The mix of lights and streamers is simple and will create a beautiful decoration combination.

Decorations for graduation don’t have to extravagant. Streamers, balloons, tablecloths, and some confetti will get the job done, and with these tips, you can incorporate winter and holiday-themed decor as well!


While summer graduations are great for yard games like ladder ball, cornhole, volleyball, and other fun games, it is a little harder to do these things during a winter grad party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun activities at your grad party. A fire pit outside can help people enjoy some time in the outdoors without getting too cold, this is also a great time to make some s’mores. Have a snowman building contest, many of the adults will enjoy feeling like a kid again. Or if everyone is up for it, play dodgeball with snowballs! While these may be better ideas for your child’s birthday party, it could be fun for your student and their college friends.

Other indoor activities that can keep people entertained could include ping pong, billiards, karaoke, games, and even photo booths. If your basement is unfinished or has a lot of free space, you could even set up yard games down there, allowing guests to still enjoy party favorites without having to face the cold weather.

Setting up multiple activities and games will allow people to stay busy, enjoy some friendly competition, and enjoy the graduation party even more. Different activities that allow guest to do their own thing at the party are the best options, so find a few things that will keep them entertained and set them up around the house.

Planning a December graduation party for your student can be fun and unique. A winter graduation is just as important as a summer one, so make sure you plan a party that is fun and festive. A winter grad party can be different, with catering, decorating, and activity options that are unique for the winter season. If your grad is having a winter celebration, make sure you have the perfect catering choices. At ROUGE Fine Catering, we offer many different options, allowing you to find the perfect food and drink selection for your winter grad party. Learn more about us and see our menu now!

De-Stressing At The Party You Planned

September 14, 2017

Special events can be fun to attend, but extremely stressful to plan. Being in charge of making all the arrangements for a party or event can be a lot more work than you may think. But many times you do not have a choice. Whether that event is a wedding, a grand opening, gala, or even a baby shower, the planning process can become a lot and make the entire thing more work than fun.

While planning may be challenging and hectic, once the party starts, you should no longer feel stressed or worried. As the party planner, you should be able to relax, have fun, and enjoy your time at the party. This can be challenging and may take some practice, but it is possible. Stop stressing about the party and celebrate what you have created!

While it’s easier said than done, there are ways to help yourself de-stress the minute the party starts. One thing that you can do to make sure one aspect of the party goes off without a hitch, it is use ROUGE Fine Catering as the caterer of the party! At ROUGE, we serve delicious, gourmet food that will wow your guests and allow you to enjoy the taste of planning a successful party.

ROUGE Fine Catering also has a professional staff that can ensure there are no problems with the food aspect of your party. We offer delivery catering as well as full service catering. And we can cater to just about any of your parties—from weddings and corporate events to baby showers and game day parties. Every time you pick ROUGE, you can count on us to deliver the best food and service, allowing you to enjoy the rest of your party, or worry about the other aspects.

But we do not want you to stress about your party while we are your caterers. That is why we will be giving you tips to stop worrying about your party and start enjoying what you have created! To learn more about ways to actually enjoy the celebration you planned, read on!

Make Lists

Before you can enjoy the party, you have to make sure you did not forget any of the party planning aspect. Think about the event you are planning for and make a list of everything that you will need to have at the party.

For instance, if you are planning a football party, there is not a lot the needs to be done. Food, a large television, a good seating arrangement, beverages, and some other little details can create the perfect gathering for the big game. You can read more about planning a football party in our last blog!

However, other parties require more than just these simple elements. A wedding is a huge party to plan and if the bride is not doing it herself, she will either hire someone, or have the maid of honor help her with the task of organizing and getting everything done in time for the big day. And that is a huge responsibility. You will want to talk to the bride and make sure you make a lengthy and detailed list of all the things she expects at her wedding. Ask what she can live without and what is definitely mandatory. A photographer, a wedding cake, open bar, decorations, flowers, venue, invitations, and the catering are some of the main things that are most likely mandatory. By the way, ROUGE offer wedding cakes as well, so there is one additional thing to check off your list. A wedding may be one of the most stressful things to plan, especially when it is someone else’s wedding. A list will help to ensure you got all of the important aspects covered.

Other parties will be somewhere in between these two extremes. Most will have more elements to plan but they will also not have as many details as a wedding.

Making a list is a great way to stay organized and ensure you got everything covered. Once the party is planned and you have checked everything off of you list, you can begin to relax.

The Deed Is Done

One thing that many people in charge of the party planning have trouble doing is realizing that once the party begins there is nothing else that can be done. You have made all the plans and made sure everything will work out perfectly, but if the flowers show up late, or the photographer brought the wrong lens, don’t have a panic attack about it. You can’t do anything to fix these problems now. Simply ask if the photographer can quickly leave and grab the proper lens or have everyone download an app on their smartphones that allow them to take pictures and upload them to an event. There are apps that allow the bride and groom to create an event and have guests take photos that upload to the event. This is a great way to get the photos and see the party from another point of view. Problem solving is key but stressing doesn’t help.

Once you walk into the party, push the planning duties out of your mind and enjoy your time. Of course you can tackle any issues that come up, but don’t think about what might go wrong or things that you have no control over. It will make the party miserable for you and is completely pointless.

Take A Moment

Making the plans for an event will cause a lot of stress and make you feel like you haven’t relaxed in years. After all the party planning duties are done, take a moment or a day to yourself. Take some time to de-stress and forget all about the party. Go to the spa, spend the day in the park reading, watch movies all day, or simply sleep. Making sure you are not stressed going into the party can help you from becoming stressed during the party. This also means you should not procrastinate. If you wait until the very last second to do all of the planning or to finish the planning, you will not have any time to relax and spend a moment alone. Don’t put off any planning duties and make sure you take time to de-stress.

Find The Right Vendors

You will want to make sure all of the vendors you choose are accountable and work hard to help your event work out as you imagined. Don’t go with some sketchy photographer who won’t show you their previous work because the camera was terrible quality, this may simply mean that they are not good at what they do. 

While it is hard to know for sure who is the best at what they do, ROUGE offers a list of our favorite vendors that meet expectations. Be sure to check out this list to get the best of the best at your event. You may even see a vendor that you forgot you needed!

This also means you must choose the best caterer. At ROUGE Fine Catering, we can promise you a high class meal delivered with excellent service. We work hard to be one of the top caterers in the Baltimore area. Our catering company service gourmet food and can bring your event to the next level. We can help you create the perfect menu for your event and needs, offer the best desserts, and we can even provide bar packages for the finishing touch! We are the right caterer for your events and we can help take some pressure off of your shoulders.

If you are still searching for a caterer, let us take some stress off your shoulders. Contact us to get started on your catering menu and be sure to check out our menus! You will like what you see and love what you taste!

Hosting An Eco-Friendly Event

July 25, 2017

In the dawn of the eco-friendly movement, everything we do is now an attempt to help save the environment, little by little. We ride our bikes to work, bring our own reusable bags to the grocery store, recycle, compost, save water and energy, and ultimately attempt to reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly seeing more businesses “going green” and doing their part to help clean up this planet.

But there are times when being eco-friendly is more difficult. It may not be as simple as using reusable bags, or not using the AC on a cool summer night. Throwing a party or hosting an event is one of those times when “going green” is not as simple. Every little detail of a party can be harmful to the environment, from the invitations to the food you choose.

Rouge Fine Catering can make it easier for you to go green when hosting your annual summer event. We are a certified Green Caterer with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Cylburn Arboretum, and Irvine Nature Center. Our catering company is committed to being socially responsible and environmentally friendly. If you need a catering company for your event, Rouge can help you get fantastic gourmet food as well as help keep your party green. Our eco-friendly options help make us the caterer of choice for the Organic Trade Association’s annual gala.

What do we do to help keep our company green? A lot more than you may think. At our facility in Hunt Valley, we compost our food waste and use single stream recycling. Our trash is sent to the World Recycling recovery facility and sorted out for reuse. And we also use a state-of-the-art solar powered trash compactor, which we are proud to say is the only one of its kind in the state of Maryland.

When it comes to our catering, we encourage our clients to use the “Green Program” that we developed, allowing them to choose the eco-friendly option wherever possible. We offer compostable plates and flatware for all of your clients—these plates and flatware require less energy during production and are made with a biodegradable material that is filled with nutrients and helps enrich the soil. We also work with local farms, cooperatives, and dairies, allowing us to offer our clients a delicious menu that uses local and sustainable ingredients.

Along with everything listed above, we also removed all high gas and oil consumption vehicles from our delivery fleet and are now using energy efficient vehicles. We recycle our used cooking oil, print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and help educate our clients and employees on different ways to make events eco-friendly.

Now that we have gone over what we do to be eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint, we will help give your tips on how to make the rest of your party or event green. Use Rouge Fine Catering at your next event and follow these tips to create a eco-friendly party.


Let’s start by covering ways to be eco-friendly before the party even starts. Sending out paper invitations is obviously a waste of paper and can easily be swapped out with evites. Whether you just send an email out, create an event on Facebook and invite your friends that ways, or create a fancy online invitation, this is a great way to start you eco-friendly party. If you want every detail of this party to have a theme and expect your invitations to have a unique and creative design, you can use different services that can help you design the perfect invitation for your party. One of these is Paperless Post.


From lighting to centerpieces, decorations can be harmful to the environment and cause a lot of waste. When planning on ways to decorate for your event, think about how to decorate in the most eco-friendly way possible.


You may assume that lighting is a tricky aspect to go green with, but really it is easy to find ways to save energy and make your venue look beautiful. If your event is in the evening, utilize as much natural light as possible. But if you know it will begin to get dark before your guests head home, then have a second option. Create a calming and unique atmosphere for your guests by lighting your event area with a bunch of 100% soy based candles. Scatter them around the room and place a few on each table, allowing for guests to be able to see and mingle peacefully.

Place candles in jars, allowing them to emit light and be less of a fire hazard and take on the appearance of a stylish lantern. Or go with a real lantern look! If you are hosting your event outside, use solar powered string lanterns the use LED bulbs. Not only can they help light up your venue, but they also add a fun and decorative look. Another outdoor options is tiki torches with plant-based fuel. These are a stylish and useful way to add some light to your party, with the added benefit of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

There are many different ways to add eco-friendly lighting to your decoration and give your venue some style. Focus on using natural light, soy candles, LED bulbs, or solar powered lighting. These options can help you save energy and add some unique style to your party.

Centerpieces and Wall Decor

Streamers, balloons, confetti, and other regular party decorations are wasteful due to the fact that they are used once and then thrown away. To decorate the venue in the most eco-friendly way possible, make sure you find or create decorations that can be reused. Depending on your party theme you can easy find decorations that you can use and reuse.

If you are having a bridal shower collect flowers from your garden and fill vases to place on each table. Fill vases with pinecones or sand and candles, and use them as centerpieces. Use fabric streamers and banners that can be reused for years to come. You can make you own banner out of fabric or eco-friendly paper that you can use the next year as well.

These decorations can give your party a beautiful and earthy feel, adding a unique feel to you event. The main point of eco-friendly decorations is to make sure they can be reused for a few years. One-time-use decorations are what make decorating for a party harmful to the environment.


When you send out your evites, request that your guests carpool or take a public form of transportation. If they live close, they could even ride their bikes or walk over to your event. Not everyone will want to do this, but if you offer prizes for those who do travel to your party in an eco-friendly way, there may be more of a chance that your guests become a little more eco-conscious.


If you choose to use a catering company for your event, choose one that can help you stick with your eco-friendly party goals. Rouge Fine Catering can offer you delicious and gourmet food that is prepared, served, and disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Our food is locally sourced and menu uses sustainable ingredients. If you are looking to add seafood to your menu, we have just what you need. The seafood we used has been certified as sustainable by the National Aquarium in Baltimore, meaning that when you order seafood off of our menu, you will be helping with the overfishing problem that is affecting the global seafood population.

Not only do we offer eco-friendly food options, but we also can supply you with biodegradable tableware and clean up in an eco-friendly way. We try hard to make every aspect of our business are environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. With our help and some green party planning, you can host an eco-friendly party that is stylish, offers delicious food, and helps reduce your carbon footprint!

These tips can help you throw an amazing party that doesn’t create a ton of waste. If fact, if there is leftover food afterwards, let your guests take home leftovers! They will love being able to take home our delicious food options and you won’t have to throw away a bunch of gourmet food!

Create the perfect party and help out our planet while doing it! Rouge Fine Catering can help you host the best eco-friendly party possible. To get started on planning your green party, contact Rouge today and check out our menu!

The Right Type of Catering

May 16, 2017

You just started a new job, a job that you have been working towards for months now, and you finally landed a spot in an amazing company. You are slowly learning your role, getting used to the everyday tasks, and beginning to meet people. And lucky for you, the annual corporate party will be taking place this weekend.

You have been told that these are generally fancy parties, with people dressed in gowns and tuxedos, which you think is a bit extensive for your type of business, but you go with it, because fancy parties generally mean fancy food.

You have been to many business parties at previous jobs—laidback, poorly planned, and catering that should only appear at a high school graduation. Let’s be honest, half the reason you go to the parties in the first place is for the free food.

Just recently, your sister got married. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple, but more importantly beautifully delicious catering. She hired Rouge Fine Catering to cater her wedding and they nailed it. You remember the food like it was yesterday, you can still taste the mango duck crêpe, you can smell the Venezuelan arepas.

Sure you were happy for your sister, but you were even more thrilled about the gorgeous cuisine and the immaculate service. Your sister is the type who wants only the best, and she got it. Her guests were amazed with the quality of food, the beautiful displays of the meals and desserts, and extensive bar. You remember thinking to yourself how it was amazing how the catering and food provided at a wedding could change the whole impression guest got from the wedding. And Rouge Find Catering provided something to remember.

This is the type of catering you expect at your company party. You expect only the best, gourmet catering to be at this party. But you imagine you may not get what you are hoping for. You imagine showing up to find some chain restaurant catering the elaborate party, and you begin to get disappointed, fighting the urge to not show up at all.

You picture yourself walking by the food table, scanning your choices, looking for something that resembled the catering your sister had, but nothing comes close to the quality. The look is not appealing, the smell is nonexistent, and you are sure the taste is way off as well.

And suddenly your excitement for this party, your job, and the company is smothered. But you decide to attend the party anyways, giving them a chance to prove themselves, or at least hoping to mingle with some of your new coworkers. That becomes the only reason why you decide to go, because you need friends at this new job, and a party is a great place to do so.

As you arrive, you are still thinking about the catering choice your company may have made, grumbling to yourself. But as you begin to walk toward the doors, you spot a catering van behind the building, and on the van the words Rouge Fine Catering are painted.

You knew your company would make the right decision. You never doubted their catering choices, they would always choose the best for their employees. You enter the party with a grin on your face and see the beautiful display of food. It’s going to be a great party.

Your new company made the right choice when it comes to catering. Rouge Fine Catering is a new type of catering. High-end, gourmet cuisine that looks as good as it tastes. Don’t let your company fall short in the catering selections. Suggest Rouge Fine Catering, we are sure to give your the catering your company and employees deserve. Contact us to learn more about our corporate catering.