Wedding Bar Packages

November 8, 2018

The Magic Behind Rouge Catering’s Innovation Bar Packages

Time and time again, revered DC and Maryland Chef Jonathan Soudry has been praised for his ingenuity and creativity in the kitchen. A true culinary wizard, his skill is matched only by his innovation, and this is the reason why Rouge Catering has quickly become unmatched in the catering world of the DMV area.

In our last article, we talked about the must-have dishes for your next fall wedding. This week, however, we are all about the booze. Alcohol is a huge part of any celebration, and weddings are no different.

wedding cocktailsOne of the most popular special touches that a couple can incorporate into their wedding is a signature, or even matching his and hers cocktails.

These are an alcoholic or non-alcoholic concoction based around the couple’s personalities and theme, and as you can imagine, they are especially popular for receptions.

Weddings are traditionally centered around the date and develop a seasonal-centric theme. As we approach the holidays, we decided to take a look at the best Rouge Catering has to offer for your special holiday beverages!

Rouge Catering is beloved for their custom menus specifically built for each event, but few realize that that extends to their bar menu as well.

A quick look at their wedding menu reveals their pre-set bar packages, praised time and time again for their upscale options and incredible affordability.

So affordable, in fact, that many couples have foregone purchasing their own alcohol in favor of Rouge’s pre-set bar packages to save both money and time in the final days and months leading up to the wedding. We were especially impressed with the wine selections on their standard package, which features far superior selections to those included in comparably priced packages in the area.

If you’ve ever been to a wedding with over 200 people, you know that sometimes getting a drink can be a feat in itself. However, many comment on the incredible speed and efficiency of Rouge’s bartenders, thereby creating short lines and smoother service at the bar.

Rouge Catering has developed an unparalleled reputation within the hospitality industry for its absolute devotion to five-star service. Not only do they possess the expertise and diversity to create customized menus for each and every couple, but they also continue to demonstrate a remarkable level of flexibility and creativity within their beverage offerings as well.

Welcome Refreshments

Wedding RefreshmentsAlthough there has been the occasional alcoholic aperitif offered upon arrival, most hosts choose to refrain from alcohol prior to the event and instead select a fun and refreshing display. Our favorite is to include the welcome refreshment table in your decorations, by showcasing family wedding photos or pictures of the bride and groom throughout their relationship.

There all kinds of beautiful beverage dispensers perfect for this occasion. For example, flavored water with colorful sliced fruit can make for a beautiful (and refreshing!) picture within a glass beverage display.

One of our favorites is Rouge Catering’s strawberry-lime infused water served in urns with clear tumblers. How can guests resist such a beautifully presented and refreshing beverage to kick off the festivities?

Alcohol, Please

The cocktail hour is always the best time to feature a signature cocktail, a long-loved custom for wedded couples.

Says Caroline who was married this past September, the “his’ and ‘hers’ cocktails that my husband I picked out were a huge hit!”

An added bonus is that a signature cocktail can serve as a cost-saving measure for those working with a limited budget.

While many couples feature their signature cocktails for the entirety of their reception, a more budget-friendly alternative would be to serve the cocktails for just the cocktail hour and then move to a more limited bar afterwards.

Another idea is to forego liquor in favor of his and her signature cocktails, which are a fun way to incorporate liquor into your bar without the cost and hassle of a full bar with its mixers, garnishes, and extra equipment.

signature wedding cocktailsIf you aren’t sure about a signature cocktail and/or are looking for a more budget friendly option, consider featuring the rose included with Rouge’s bar package.

Katie wrote of her June 2018 wedding on Wedding Wire about her experience with Rouge Catering, saying “We added the full open bar package because it was such an incredible deal with the low price per guest and even had a champagne toast and signature drink (a Moscow Mule).”

She goes on to mention that her Rouge planner, Kate, helped produce copper mugs for the Mules and even included a special rose to her wine list because her wedding fell on National Rose Day.

Rebecca, married on September 23, 2017, echoed Katie’s sentiments, writing the Rouge team “working with my husband and the grandfather of the groom to create signature cocktails for our event.”

Becca’s review mentioned how Rouge helped her fiancé source local craft beers to feature on their bar.

A champagne toast is customary prior to dinner and included with most of Rouge’s packages, but many choose to incorporate champagne into a specialty fizzy concoction which could be passed during the cocktail hour or served to the table during dinner.

These lovely brides bring up an important point – sometimes special decorative touches, like the copper mugs of her Moscow Mules, a special craft beer or light rose, or even a family recipe are just the memorable details to keep guests talking long after the honeymoon is over and daily life has resumed.

For the DDs of the Evening

For your designated drivers in attendance (or those who simply do not wish to imbibe), it’s important to consider a fun and creative alternative to the signature cocktail.

Says the team at Rouge Catering, “We have a wonderful non-alcoholic bar package which can be complimented with your choice of ‘mocktail.’”

This is especially popular for outdoor summer weddings, when temperatures soar and the brutal sun can make even the most hydrated guest parched. 


As the evening winds down, the focus typically becomes less about the bar and more about dessert and coffee.

While alcohol is a long-loved accompaniment to dessert, there are still many who abstain.

For the non-drinkers in the bunch, enhance your traditional coffee bar with the inclusion of rich Mexican hot chocolate and fresh cream.

At the end of the day, it’s less about what you choose and more about what you enjoy. Some couples get so preoccupied with the little details that they forget what matters the most.

And, given the glowing reviews for Rouge’s entire team and the company’s absolute commitment to service and creativity, there is no doubt that together we will dream up the perfect concoction reminiscent of you as a couple!