Tips To Planning Your Holiday Parties

November 1, 2017

Holidays are always a special time, where family and friends come together and celebrate, share a special meal, and make unforgettable memories. This season has become even more busy, however, with many different holiday parties that have become so popular. These parties allow us to spend the holidays with our friends and coworkers, meet new people, and enjoy some of the holiday spirit without worry about the traditional family fight.

These parties are fun and festive, but that may not be true for the hosts. Planning a party and executing the party perfectly takes a ton of preparation and hard work. If you are the host this year, we wish you luck. If you are not, send this blog to the host in hopes that it will make their job much easier.

At ROUGE Fine Catering, we can help make your party a hit with our delicious gourmet food options. We can cater to any of your get togethers, from a Friendsgiving to New Year’s Eve bashes. Once the food and drinks are taken care of, your job gets a lot easier.

But to simplify the hosting job even more, we will go over some holiday events that you may be stuck planning, and help give you tips to throwing the best parties. Read on for some tips from the pros!


A Thanksgiving with you and your friends, or a Friendsgiving, is a fun and unique way to celebrate with your favorite people. This Thanksgiving meal is generally more relaxed and calm, and perhaps that is because you don’t have to worry about your family asking when you are going to get married. Your friends are the people you choose to hang out with on a daily basis, so having a meal with them and sharing thanks is the perfect way to celebrate Thanksgiving.

This unique tradition has become more popular over the years and is a fun way to get the group together all at once. When planning a Friendsgiving, don’t plan the event on the actual day of Thanksgiving. A week before or after is generally a good time for this event. First, find out when everyone can do it. This may seem like a nightmare, attempting to get everyone’s schedule on the same page. One tip to scheduling is pick a few days and have everyone vote on a day. This way, you don’t have to worry about everyone picking a different day to celebrate.

After the date and time are finalized, plan some seasonal decorations, make a fall-esque playlist, set up an effective layout with enough chairs for everyone, and make sure to have your friends favorite beverages. Many Friendsgiving take the potluck route—having each friend bring a dish or dessert. That is not a bad idea, but if you want to wow your friends, create a menu with ROUGE Fine Catering and let us serve you gourmet food. You will win the award for best Friendsgiving of all time!

Christmas/Holiday Party

Christmas parties are a very popular holiday festivity and you will likely be invited to five of them this season. Whether they are your friend’s, book club’s, or office’s holiday party, you will be able to enjoy the spirit of the season for weeks on end.

But if you decide to plan your own holiday party this year, you will need to do a lot of planning. The first thing you need to do is decide whether to have the party at home or at a venue. Once you have decided on the location, send out invites to everyone you want to invite.

If your holiday party is going to be held at your home, make sure you have everything taken care of before the big day. Set up tables along walls, allowing the food to be accessible while making sure there is plenty of room for the minglers. Set up additional chairs for those who want to sit, light candles to keep the seasonal smells alive all night, and make sure you playlist will have the holiday vibes flowing all night.

These parties are rarely potlucks, meaning you are in charge of all of the food and drinks. But ROUGE can help by offering a delicious menu, as well as bar packages!

New Year’s Eve

The night before the year ends is one of the biggest parties of the year, saving the best for last. New Year’s Eve parties are simpler than others. You need champagne, noisemakers, confetti, things to do before midnight, and great food.

Find games that everyone can play before the ball drops, create a playlist of the year’s best hits, and get your friends talking about their favorite memories from the past year. And at midnight, celebrate with the people you love most. Be sure to get ROUGE to cater, allowing you to finish the year with the best meal you may have ever tasted!

Party planning can be a lot, especially on top of all the other stress that the holidays can bring. Just remember that ROUGE Fine Catering can help make it easier by offers a gourmet menu and bar packages. Start planning now and get ready for the holiday season! Contact us today to learn more.

Unique Dessert Options For Your Wedding

October 13, 2017

As the years pass, weddings become less and less traditional. Rather, they have simply become a celebration of love and the union between two people. While some still follow many of the traditions that have developed over the years, others are becoming more into the unique weddings that match the couple’s personality. Whether this means a colored wedding dress or a party that has no connections to the wedding traditions, people are becoming more creative with their wedding planning.

One area that could always use some creativity and fun is the dessert menu. While the wedding cake is sophisticated, beautiful, and traditional, not everyone likes cake, making the wedding cake a dessert that some may not enjoy. Wedding cake is often some of the best cake many people have ever had, but there are so many other dessert styles you can go with for your reception. If you are into the unique wedding, the dessert is a great place to switch it up, and even if you still want a wedding cake, adding different dessert options for your guests is never a bad idea!

When you choose the right caterer for your wedding, planning on different dessert options is easy and delicious. At ROUGE Fine Catering, we offer many different dessert options, helping you find the perfect sweet treat combinations for you and your guests. Your dessert options can now match your wedding theme, creating the perfect celebration.

If you are thinking of ways to spice up your wedding day celebration, dessert is always a good place to start! Read on to take a look at some of the best dessert options you can choose from to make your wedding unique and tasty!

For The Inner Child

Wedding cake offers not only great taste but also a beautiful look. But if you are looking for a dessert that is fun, easy, and allows you to travel back to your childhood, ROUGE offers many options. There are always fancy and fabulous dessert choices, but everyone will love a build-your-own ice cream sandwich bar, a house-made ice cream bar, an assortment of gourmet cookies, and house-made mini doughnuts!

Desserts are meant to be delicious and fun. And if you and your new spouse are children at heart, these dessert options will be ideal for your wedding and help display you as a couple. Not only are these unique options for a wedding day dessert list, but they also allow your guests to get exactly what they want. Allow them to create their own ice cream sandwich or sundae with these options, pick their perfect cookie, and enjoy desserts that bring them back to their childhood. These dessert selections can feel less formal, allowing your guests to enjoy their dessert and have fun with the process of creating their perfect sundae.

A chocolate “fountain” lollipop display is every kids dream, and ROUGE Fine Catering can provide you with these perfect dessert displays at your wedding. Allow your guests to enjoy angel food cake, bananas, brownie bites, coconut macaroons, and more, dipped in chocolate for a delicious treat that your guests can have multiple of!

The s’mores pops are another great dessert that will transport your guests back to their childhood and all the fun time they had camping, even if it was in the backyard. These s’more pops are simple but delicious—marshmallows dipped in milk chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs, creating the perfect treat for the camping lovers on your guest list.

Desserts that bring out your inner child are perfect for a celebration, and these dessert options can make your wedding one of a kind, allowing your guests to create their own masterpieces.

For The Fruit Fanatic

Whether you are a vegetarian or simply enjoy fruity desserts, you will love the many dessert options from ROUGE Fine Catering. Fruit is a great way to keep the sweet treats healthy but satisfying as well. ROUGE offers many different dessert options centered around fruit, for a naturally sweet dessert that your guests will love.

Give your guests fruit that can add some fun to the party with our champagne and fruit coupe, which is delicious and fresh fruit and berries soaked in champagne and completed with a dollop of crème fraiche. This is a great options when you want to keep your wedding on fancier side of things while adding unique dessert options.

Some other options include fruit skewers. ROUGE offers a seasonal fruit skewer that is grill and drizzled with ginger syrup, as well as a grilled peach skewer with an orange-infused honey drizzle. These dessert options are delicious and healthy and can give your wedding a completely different vibe.

You can also find mini fruit tarts, a mixed berry salad, giant chocolate strawberries, and a balsamic glazed strawberry parfait. These fruit filled dessert are delicious and can allow you healthier guest to enjoy dessert with everyone else.  

For The Dessert Lovers

While we all lover desserts, there are some sweet treats that those with a sweet tooth love more than others. All of ROUGE’s dessert options are scrumptious and will make the perfect treat for your wedding, but if you are looking for a more unique options that will have you craving more, there are a few desserts you should focus on.

The candy cane marshmallow pops are unique and perfect for a quick treat that offers many different flavors, plus it is the perfect choice for a winter wedding, with holiday tastes! Chocolate covered pretzels are also a favorite. These pretzels are covered in dark and white chocolate for a sweet and salty snack that will have every guests satisfied. The milk and cookies bar is a simple dessert that will most likely please every single person, who doesn’t love a good cookie?

ROUGE Fine Catering not only serves up gourmet meal options that will help your wedding stand out, but we also offer desserts that are unique, delicious, and perfect for your wedding theme. If you are the more traditional type, we also can provide a beautiful wedding cake or cupcake assortment. See our full menu to view all of the dessert options and find the perfect sweet treats for your special day! Contact us today to learn more!

Planning The Best Football Party

August 18, 2017

Sports have been a dominant factor in our society. And football is at the top of that list. With the beginning of the season right around the corner, football fans need to start preparing for game day kickoff. The first game may not be the most important game of the year, but it may be one of the most exciting. After preseason, you only have a small idea of how you team is going to do for the rest of the season, and that first game will hopefully start that season off right.

As we draw closer to kickoff, it is time to start planning for the ultimate start with a  season kickoff party. Many football fans take pride in throwing the greatest football parties, with the best food, the largest TV, surround sound speakers, and enough seating for everyone. But there are some things to think about when planning your football party.

First of all, just know that you don’t have to waste your time preparing all of the food for everyone. ROUGE Fine Catering offers gourmet catering for more than just weddings and corporate events. We can cater to get togethers as well—baby showers, anniversary parties, brunches, and yes, even football parties are on the list of our catering possibilities.

The Food

All you have to do when you use us for you party catering is select your menu. Remember, the ideal football food is finger foods, dips, sandwiches, and snacks. Keep this in mind while creating the perfect menu. To get you started on the perfect game day catering menu we will go over some of the best options for this exciting day.

We will start with the finger food. Our grilled jerk chicken wings and buffalo chicken wings are the perfect finger food that everyone can enjoy. We offer small and large options for these wings, so you can accommodate the size of your party. A more unique but delicious option for finger food is our seared chicken and vegetable potstickers server with sweet bourbon-soy dipping sauce.

As for dips, we offer many great options, but for your kickoff party some that you may want to try are the buffalo chicken dip, spinach and artichoke dip, or our roasted red pepper dip. These dips are delicious and perfect to snack on while cheering for your favorite team.

ROUGE offers different sandwich options that allow you to select the meat, bread, and cheese for the perfect sandwich. You can also select full sized sandwiches or a mini sandwich tray, depending on what you and your guests prefer.

Chips, pretzels, veggies and fruit trays, and bowls of candy that are color coordinated with your team are the perfect snack foods. You will also want to be sure you don’t forget the beverages!

After you have finished picking your menu for game day, you will no longer have to worry about the food, we will take care of it! However, you still have to plan the rest of your party in order to throw the greatest football party of all time! The rest of this blog will give you tips on how you can do this.

The Setup

Watching football on a small TV that is stuck in the corner of the room with all your guest crowded around the one couch in the room is not the way to set up your fantastic football party. If you don’t have a large TV, invest in one or plan on hosting your party at a friend’s home who does have a large TV. There is something magical and special about watching a football game on a 65” HD screen. The details are amazing, every blade of grass is visible, and your guests won’t be crowded in one area trying to get a better view.

After the TV situation is handled, make sure your seating arrangement is perfect. Collect couches, chairs, stools, and every other surface that can be used as a seat and set them up around the TV  in a way that is optimal for viewing. If you want to ensure everyone has a great seat, test out each of the seats and adjust where necessary.

Get Guests Involved

It is easy to get lost in conversation during football games, especially if you are not a football fan. If any of your guests end up not liking football as much as the rest of the crowd, help them and everyone else stay involved with different items. Pom-poms are a fun way to help people cheer for their team. Or, offer your guests flags to throw when they think a call should be made, most of them do the motion anyways, so provide them with the proper item.

Decorating can also help get your guests in the spirit. Add decorations using your team colors and logo. Offer guests eye black so they can get the true football look, and hand out small foam footballs to throw at the wall when bad calls are made. Create an entryway that resembles running through the tunnel onto the field. Your guests will love walking into your party and feeling like part of the team.

Planning the perfect football party does not have to be difficult. They main things you want to be sure of are that you have the best food, a large TV, great seating arrangement, and people who enjoy the great game of football. Get ready for your team’s first game of the season. Let ROUGE Fine Catering help you plan for the ultimate party. Start creating your menu today and get ready for kickoff!

Hosting An Eco-Friendly Event

July 25, 2017

In the dawn of the eco-friendly movement, everything we do is now an attempt to help save the environment, little by little. We ride our bikes to work, bring our own reusable bags to the grocery store, recycle, compost, save water and energy, and ultimately attempt to reduce our carbon footprint. We are constantly seeing more businesses “going green” and doing their part to help clean up this planet.

But there are times when being eco-friendly is more difficult. It may not be as simple as using reusable bags, or not using the AC on a cool summer night. Throwing a party or hosting an event is one of those times when “going green” is not as simple. Every little detail of a party can be harmful to the environment, from the invitations to the food you choose.

Rouge Fine Catering can make it easier for you to go green when hosting your annual summer event. We are a certified Green Caterer with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Cylburn Arboretum, and Irvine Nature Center. Our catering company is committed to being socially responsible and environmentally friendly. If you need a catering company for your event, Rouge can help you get fantastic gourmet food as well as help keep your party green. Our eco-friendly options help make us the caterer of choice for the Organic Trade Association’s annual gala.

What do we do to help keep our company green? A lot more than you may think. At our facility in Hunt Valley, we compost our food waste and use single stream recycling. Our trash is sent to the World Recycling recovery facility and sorted out for reuse. And we also use a state-of-the-art solar powered trash compactor, which we are proud to say is the only one of its kind in the state of Maryland.

When it comes to our catering, we encourage our clients to use the “Green Program” that we developed, allowing them to choose the eco-friendly option wherever possible. We offer compostable plates and flatware for all of your clients—these plates and flatware require less energy during production and are made with a biodegradable material that is filled with nutrients and helps enrich the soil. We also work with local farms, cooperatives, and dairies, allowing us to offer our clients a delicious menu that uses local and sustainable ingredients.

Along with everything listed above, we also removed all high gas and oil consumption vehicles from our delivery fleet and are now using energy efficient vehicles. We recycle our used cooking oil, print on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, and help educate our clients and employees on different ways to make events eco-friendly.

Now that we have gone over what we do to be eco-friendly and reduce our carbon footprint, we will help give your tips on how to make the rest of your party or event green. Use Rouge Fine Catering at your next event and follow these tips to create a eco-friendly party.


Let’s start by covering ways to be eco-friendly before the party even starts. Sending out paper invitations is obviously a waste of paper and can easily be swapped out with evites. Whether you just send an email out, create an event on Facebook and invite your friends that ways, or create a fancy online invitation, this is a great way to start you eco-friendly party. If you want every detail of this party to have a theme and expect your invitations to have a unique and creative design, you can use different services that can help you design the perfect invitation for your party. One of these is Paperless Post.


From lighting to centerpieces, decorations can be harmful to the environment and cause a lot of waste. When planning on ways to decorate for your event, think about how to decorate in the most eco-friendly way possible.


You may assume that lighting is a tricky aspect to go green with, but really it is easy to find ways to save energy and make your venue look beautiful. If your event is in the evening, utilize as much natural light as possible. But if you know it will begin to get dark before your guests head home, then have a second option. Create a calming and unique atmosphere for your guests by lighting your event area with a bunch of 100% soy based candles. Scatter them around the room and place a few on each table, allowing for guests to be able to see and mingle peacefully.

Place candles in jars, allowing them to emit light and be less of a fire hazard and take on the appearance of a stylish lantern. Or go with a real lantern look! If you are hosting your event outside, use solar powered string lanterns the use LED bulbs. Not only can they help light up your venue, but they also add a fun and decorative look. Another outdoor options is tiki torches with plant-based fuel. These are a stylish and useful way to add some light to your party, with the added benefit of keeping mosquitoes at bay.

There are many different ways to add eco-friendly lighting to your decoration and give your venue some style. Focus on using natural light, soy candles, LED bulbs, or solar powered lighting. These options can help you save energy and add some unique style to your party.

Centerpieces and Wall Decor

Streamers, balloons, confetti, and other regular party decorations are wasteful due to the fact that they are used once and then thrown away. To decorate the venue in the most eco-friendly way possible, make sure you find or create decorations that can be reused. Depending on your party theme you can easy find decorations that you can use and reuse.

If you are having a bridal shower collect flowers from your garden and fill vases to place on each table. Fill vases with pinecones or sand and candles, and use them as centerpieces. Use fabric streamers and banners that can be reused for years to come. You can make you own banner out of fabric or eco-friendly paper that you can use the next year as well.

These decorations can give your party a beautiful and earthy feel, adding a unique feel to you event. The main point of eco-friendly decorations is to make sure they can be reused for a few years. One-time-use decorations are what make decorating for a party harmful to the environment.


When you send out your evites, request that your guests carpool or take a public form of transportation. If they live close, they could even ride their bikes or walk over to your event. Not everyone will want to do this, but if you offer prizes for those who do travel to your party in an eco-friendly way, there may be more of a chance that your guests become a little more eco-conscious.


If you choose to use a catering company for your event, choose one that can help you stick with your eco-friendly party goals. Rouge Fine Catering can offer you delicious and gourmet food that is prepared, served, and disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

Our food is locally sourced and menu uses sustainable ingredients. If you are looking to add seafood to your menu, we have just what you need. The seafood we used has been certified as sustainable by the National Aquarium in Baltimore, meaning that when you order seafood off of our menu, you will be helping with the overfishing problem that is affecting the global seafood population.

Not only do we offer eco-friendly food options, but we also can supply you with biodegradable tableware and clean up in an eco-friendly way. We try hard to make every aspect of our business are environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. With our help and some green party planning, you can host an eco-friendly party that is stylish, offers delicious food, and helps reduce your carbon footprint!

These tips can help you throw an amazing party that doesn’t create a ton of waste. If fact, if there is leftover food afterwards, let your guests take home leftovers! They will love being able to take home our delicious food options and you won’t have to throw away a bunch of gourmet food!

Create the perfect party and help out our planet while doing it! Rouge Fine Catering can help you host the best eco-friendly party possible. To get started on planning your green party, contact Rouge today and check out our menu!

Unique Dessert Ideas for Your Wedding Day

June 19, 2017

There are many wedding traditions that we carry out today without realizing the purpose behind them. Weddings are a traditional way to represent the union between two people, it is a way to bring two families together and celebrate the couple. The little aspects that make up a wedding also have traditional meaning.

Many of these meaningful traditions are centered around the cake. Wedding cakes are grand, beautiful, and elegant. It is not often you say that about a cake. But wedding cakes have been taken to a new level of dessert. They are often gorgeously decorated, with multiple tiers and many different looks.

Wedding cakes are generally white, and during the Victorian times, this symbolized social importance and wealth. It was expensive to get the fine white sugar, so the lighter the cake, the wealthier a family appeared. The white cake was also meant to represent the bride, the main focus of the bedding.

Nowadays, white cakes are still popular but often decorated with the colors used for the wedding—in the bouquets, bridesmaid dresses, and decorations. This adds some color to the cake, but sure most people do not know the purpose behind the pure white cake.

But the traditions behind the wedding cake seemed to have slowly lost their meaning. People are also beginning to take an untraditional approach when it comes to their wedding. Whether it is because of religious reasons or because they don’t feel that these traditions fit their style. And so, the traditions fade. But wedding cakes will most likely be the dessert of choice for years to come.

If a wedding cake doesn’t seem to fit your wedding style or your preferences as a couple, Rouge Fine Catering can offer you a large assortment of desserts that will satisfy your guest while staying away from the traditional ways.

There are many reasons why couples would choose to skip the grand and flashy wedding cake. Maybe the wanted a variety of different desserts so guests could enjoy a sweet of their choosing rather than being stuck with cake.

Baked Goods

Maybe you think the traditional wedding cake is too difficult to cut for all of your guests. Maybe cake is not really your thing. There are other options of baked good that can easily replace the wedding cake.

Mini Pies

Rouge Fine Catering offers individual pies as a dessert options. With so many flavors to choose from, your guests are sure to love this cute little pastries. Our mini pie flavors include:

  • Pumpkin
  • Black cherry and pear
  • Apples and cinnamon
  • Lemon-blueberry crumble
  • Fruit of the forest
  • Lemon meringue

You can also request custom flavors to ensure you have your favorite pie type!

Cookies and Brownies

Perhaps you enjoy the simplest of baked goods. Have brownies and cookies catered to your wedding. Your guest will love the simple treats that are always delicious. Our cookies and brownies are hand-made and delicious. Our cookie flavors include:

  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal raisin
  • Chocolate chip
  • Double chocolate
  • White chocolate-cranberry

Our cookies are also available in full-size or mini.

More Minis

Who doesn’t love mini desserts? They are the perfect size for a wedding, allowing your guests to get the sweet taste they crave without feeling overly full after the delicious dinner from Rouge Catering. Mini desserts are the perfect size and allow everyone to get their share of sweet treats. At Rouge, we offer many different mini desserts. These include:

  • House-made mini doughnuts
  • Mini bêté noir
  • Mini cheesecakes
  • Mini cannoli tart
  • Mini fruit tart

Many of our other desserts could be also be considered mini, like our cookie pops, chocolate covered pretzels, and our house-made macaroons! These treats are the perfect way for your guests to feed their sweet tooth without feeling too full or wasting a bunch of delicious dessert.

Bars and Shots

If you are looking for more fun and unique desserts for your wedding, Rouge has what you need! With different dessert shots (served in a shot glass) and bars, your guests will be able get the sweet taste they want! Our dessert bars include build-your own ice cream sandwich, house-made ice cream bar, and a milk and cookie bar. Let your guest have fun with their dessert as the make their own ice cream sundae! With ice cream flavors, toppings, and sauces, these desserts will entertain your guests and make them feel like kids again!

Our dessert shots are much like our mini desserts. They are small, delicious, and satisfying and allow your guests to enjoy some sweets while not eating an entire piece of cake. Our root beer float shots are a simple and classic dessert. We also offer mousse shots. These come in many different flavors, allowing your guests to find the one they will love. These flavors include:

  • Bananas foster
  • Black forest brownie
  • Cookies n’ cream
  • Lemon meringue
  • Strawberry shortcake
  • S’mores delight
  • Tiramisu
  • Toasted mango-macaroon mousse
  • Pumpkin pie

Shot glass sized desserts are perfect for a wedding day. They are big enough to give your guest a sweet taste to enjoy, but small enough to keep them from becoming overly full. There are many different flavors to choose from as well, allowing for your guests to find something they can enjoy.


Fruit is nature’s candy. It is sweet, sugary, and still healthy—a great option for your wedding day dessert. With our many different fruit dessert options, you can choose the one that matches your wedding style best and that your guests will love the most. Perhaps you want a classic fruit and chocolate duo, you have a few options to choose from:

  • Chocolate “fountain” Lollipop Display: angel food cake, banana, brownie bites, coconut macaroon, fresh strawberries, pineapple, and NY-style cheesecake skewered and dipped in chocolate.
  • Giant chocolate-covered strawberries
  • Mousse charlotte
  • Petite Mousse Duo

Or maybe you want fruit that is a little more unique. We have some fun options for these as well:

  • Champagne and fruit coupe
  • Balsamic glazed strawberry parfait
  • Grilled fruit skewers
  • Grilled peach skewers
  • Mixed berry salad

These fruity options are delicious, different, and give a healthy and unique touch to the traditional wedding dessert. This is the perfect dessert for a beachy wedding, a laid back wedding, or just a wedding that wants to switch up the traditions.


Another popular option in the world of wedding desserts is cupcakes. Cupcakes are often used as a wedding day treat and arrange to resemble a wedding cake with different tiers. This option is often used because it allows for different flavors, less cutting mess, and it adds a different look the the traditional wedding cake.

Rouge Fine Catering offers many different cupcake flavors made from scratch and Instagram worthy (they look as good as they taste). Some of these flavors include:

  • Baked apple
  • Chai-infused vanilla
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough
  • Maple bacon
  • Pink lemonade
  • Red velvet
  • Dulce de leche
  • Berger cookie

These are only a few of the cupcake flavors that could be making up your cupcake wedding cake. Go for the classic cupcake flavors to keep it simple and easy to accommodate for your guests preferences, or try new, unique, and delectable flavors to add something different to your wedding day dessert.

Of course, Rouge Fine Catering can provide a beautiful and traditional wedding cake if that is what you desire. But if you are looking to break the social norms and traditions that often come with a wedding, these dessert ideas are for you. Read through our menu to find the perfect dessert to go with your wedding theme, style, and needs.

Contact Rouge Fine Catering to get started on your wedding day catering menu, we can help you create a menu that will wow your guests.

The Right Type of Catering

May 16, 2017

You just started a new job, a job that you have been working towards for months now, and you finally landed a spot in an amazing company. You are slowly learning your role, getting used to the everyday tasks, and beginning to meet people. And lucky for you, the annual corporate party will be taking place this weekend.

You have been told that these are generally fancy parties, with people dressed in gowns and tuxedos, which you think is a bit extensive for your type of business, but you go with it, because fancy parties generally mean fancy food.

You have been to many business parties at previous jobs—laidback, poorly planned, and catering that should only appear at a high school graduation. Let’s be honest, half the reason you go to the parties in the first place is for the free food.

Just recently, your sister got married. It was a beautiful wedding, a beautiful couple, but more importantly beautifully delicious catering. She hired Rouge Fine Catering to cater her wedding and they nailed it. You remember the food like it was yesterday, you can still taste the mango duck crêpe, you can smell the Venezuelan arepas.

Sure you were happy for your sister, but you were even more thrilled about the gorgeous cuisine and the immaculate service. Your sister is the type who wants only the best, and she got it. Her guests were amazed with the quality of food, the beautiful displays of the meals and desserts, and extensive bar. You remember thinking to yourself how it was amazing how the catering and food provided at a wedding could change the whole impression guest got from the wedding. And Rouge Find Catering provided something to remember.

This is the type of catering you expect at your company party. You expect only the best, gourmet catering to be at this party. But you imagine you may not get what you are hoping for. You imagine showing up to find some chain restaurant catering the elaborate party, and you begin to get disappointed, fighting the urge to not show up at all.

You picture yourself walking by the food table, scanning your choices, looking for something that resembled the catering your sister had, but nothing comes close to the quality. The look is not appealing, the smell is nonexistent, and you are sure the taste is way off as well.

And suddenly your excitement for this party, your job, and the company is smothered. But you decide to attend the party anyways, giving them a chance to prove themselves, or at least hoping to mingle with some of your new coworkers. That becomes the only reason why you decide to go, because you need friends at this new job, and a party is a great place to do so.

As you arrive, you are still thinking about the catering choice your company may have made, grumbling to yourself. But as you begin to walk toward the doors, you spot a catering van behind the building, and on the van the words Rouge Fine Catering are painted.

You knew your company would make the right decision. You never doubted their catering choices, they would always choose the best for their employees. You enter the party with a grin on your face and see the beautiful display of food. It’s going to be a great party.

Your new company made the right choice when it comes to catering. Rouge Fine Catering is a new type of catering. High-end, gourmet cuisine that looks as good as it tastes. Don’t let your company fall short in the catering selections. Suggest Rouge Fine Catering, we are sure to give your the catering your company and employees deserve. Contact us to learn more about our corporate catering.

How To Choose The Right Catering Menu For Your Wedding

April 1, 2017

On your wedding day, you want the best of the best. You want to impress your guests with the beautiful venue, your gorgeous dress, and a delicious menu. But there is a point when it all goes a little too far. Eventually, you should stop thinking about your guests and just start focusing on you and your soon-to-be spouse.

When it comes to wedding catering and picking a menu, a lot of couples try to accommodate for all of their guests, which generally involves dietary restrictions based on allergies or religion. These days, everyone has some sort of allergy, so we believe it is best to just make food selections based on your preferences and budget.

At Rouge Fine Catering, we offer so many different food choices and menu styles that it will be easy for you to choose the right catering menu for you and your wedding. Following these tips will help you avoid common faux pas when selecting a wedding menu.

Set a Budget

This is always a great rule to start with, no matter what part of the wedding you are trying to make decisions for. Weddings are expensive, so you must decide how much you want to spend on everything, that way the choices will become easier and more limited. When choosing a menu, a budget will help you decide how much food to get, what type of food, and how to have it served.

You should also think about whether you want appetizers, a main course, and dessert, or which mix of courses you want. Rouge Fine Catering offers a very large variety of different food choices, styles, and options. From butlered hors d’oeuvres and gourmet dips to breakfast and snacks. Depending on what type of wedding you are having, you will have several choices to make, so set a budget, it will help make your decisions a bit easier.

Stick With a Few Options

Too many times, couples make the assumption that offering more options will be better for their guests and the overall wedding. But there is generally no need for more than three options. For appetizers, it is good to have a few more options, just to add some variety and keep it interesting before the main course. When you offer too many options for the main course, however, you will be paying more, and it may not mean more people are satisfied with the meal. If you have some sort of chicken dish, a beef dish, and a vegetarian dish, you generally will be able to cover all the bases. You can always substitute fish and/or pork dish in for one of those, depending on your preferences.

Don’t Focus On Your Guests

Your guests are not the reason for the celebration, they are not the most important part of the wedding, meaning you most certainly should not work around them and their needs. If one of them wants a fully vegetarian menu, you cannot change your entire menu to accommodate for that, someone else is sure to want a steak. That is why you pick three options, like stated above. Get something everyone will like, don’t worry about making everyone happy, it is your day, meaning you can be as selfish as you want.

Think About Your Wedding

Depending on the time, the size, and the style of your wedding, you will want to consider different menu options. In our last blog, we discussed the best food choices for weddings based on times. This is definitely something to consider when deciding on a menu, you don’t want to serve steak at a morning wedding, or maybe you do, it also all depends on the type of couple you are. Which brings us to our next point.

What Kind Of Couple Are You

If you are the kind of couple who just loves snacks and munches on little things all day long, maybe consider skipping the main course. If you are the kind of couple who lives for gourmet food, you should go with some fine dining options and amaze your guests with the high-end catering choices. If you are a couple who couldn’t care less about the food as long as there are drinks to indulge in, then make sure your catered bar is fully stocked and run by the pros at Rouge Fine Catering and let your parents pick the food.

As weird as it may seem, your menu should mirror you as a couple. It makes the whole wedding and experience more personal, and your guests are sure to remember it. Rouge has so many options on the wedding menu that it is definitely possible for you and your loved one to select a menu you both agree on and are excited about.

Rouge Fine Catering has the best options for gourmet food selection. Make your wedding special with the best menu that fits your wedding and style. These tips can help make the hard decisions easier. Take a look at our wedding menus to inspire some ideas for your big day, and contact us with any questions you may have.

Catering Choices for Different Wedding Times

March 6, 2017

Weddings are a special day in many couples’ lives, it is a day when they join together as a family and celebrate their love with all their friends and relatives. Weddings are hard to plan and every couple has an idea of how they will celebrate their union. Some do late night weddings, with sparklers, a canopy of lights above the dance floor, and a delicious dinner. Others may have a morning wedding—a beautiful outdoor celebration with birds chirping, naturally lit photos, and a mimosa bar.

No matter the time of day you decide to have your wedding, you should plan your special day accordingly. Don’t plan for a light canopy if you are having a daytime, outdoor wedding. Don’t plan a night wedding without adequate lighting. Don’t invite thousands of guests if you are having a destination wedding. This is pretty common sense, but something many people do not consider while planning a wedding, is the fact that food choices are better when they go with the time of day of their wedding.

Rouge Fine Catering offers an extensive menu for weddings, complementing different times of day. We can help you create the perfect menu for your wedding no matter when it is.

Morning Weddings

Mornings are not as popular of a time for weddings as evenings are, but we still offer a number of items that will satisfy the breakfast lovers of the bunch. This is not your average breakfast menu, this is gourmet breakfast. We offer everything for mini muffins to mini quiches, meaning that your wedding menu can be as simple or as elegant as breakfast can get. Choose from options including:

  • Bistro Breakfast Wrap
  • Breakfast Burrito
  • Fresh Fruit Salad
  • Frittatas
  • Lox Tray
  • Savory and Sweet Croissants

Breakfast catering has never been so delicious. With all of our food options, you can give your guests what they want, whether they have a sweet tooth or seek out the more savory flavors.

Evening Wedding

Evening weddings are more common. They are the celebrations with lights, candles, sparklers, and delicious dinner items. Because of the commonality of the evening wedding, we offer an extensive menu of gourmet food that will wow your guests. With multiple entrees to choose from and different courses, you can find the perfect choices for your wedding. We have hors d’oeuvres, dips, salads, soups, and breads, but those are only the starters! Our entrees give you endless options, some types include:

  • Composed Entrees
  • Poultry
  • Vegetarian
  • Seafood
  • Pasta
  • Beef, Lamb, Pork

Each of these has entrees has several options, you could choose a parmesan-crusted chicken breast or go with a southern fried chicken. Out variety of options allows you to choose food that caters to your theme, guests, and style of your wedding.

Other Options

Maybe your wedding is a quick celebration in the middle of the day, or maybe you are having a small wedding before going to your favorite pizza place, because you and your new spouse love pizza. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have food for your guests. Everyone knows that all good parties and celebrations have food. If your wedding budget doesn’t allow for a gourmet, three-course meal, just decide for a high-end snack bar. Some of our snack, if you can call them that, include:

  • Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites
  • Gourmet Soft Pretzel Bar
  • Parmesan Truffle Frites
  • Parmesan Truffle Kettle Chips

With a snack bar like this, your guest will love your food options and be satisfied with the variety they have to choose from.

A wedding is a special day, with special people, and, hopefully, delicious food. Rouge Fine Catering can cater your wedding, giving you gourmet choices no matter what time of day you planned your celebration.

Be sure to take a look at our full wedding menu, you may find more than enough choices for your wedding, and contact us to start planning for your special day.