Adding A Unique Touch To Your Wedding

July 21, 2017

Weddings have become a cookie-cutter event. They all seem to feature the same things. The set up, the music, the reception, the food and desserts—the entire process seems to all be the same. It may be because of tradition or maybe it is because weddings, like graduations and other formal events, follow a guideline, as they always have and always will.

You can make you wedding more unique and memorable, even when following the traditional layout. Adding in different aspects can help you guests feel like your wedding is more personalized and not just another wedding. No matter how big or small, your wedding can be simply transformed into something special with a few simple adjustments.

At Rouge Fine Catering, we understand the importance of standing out. We know that a wedding is special, and you want your guests to remember it as much as you will. You don’t want it to be known as “just another wedding” and you certainly don’t want your guests to be unimpressed.

Don’t fret. There are ways to give your wedding celebration an added touch of fun and unique flair with a few simple steps and additions. In this blog, we will go over some of the things you can add or change about your wedding that will make it memorable without breaking the bank!

For The Couple

One thing you must remember is that the entire purpose of the wedding if to celebrate the love between you and your soon-to-be-spouse. While your guests are important and you want them to have a good time, you are the reason they all came. They came to celebrate your love and will hopefully understand if you don’t make your wedding about them.

When you make plans for your wedding, adding in small but meaningful things that represent you as a couple can create a personal touch and make your guests feel the love as the ceremony takes place.


Everyone loves hearing the stories about how you met, when you started dating, fun moments you shared, how you were proposed to, and every other little detail of your love. But what is even better is getting an outsider’s perspective.

As the guests enter, have some note cards with pens by the front. Ask your guests to write down their favorite memory of you and your love and put it in a glass bowl. You can choose to share these memories sometime during the reception or bring them home and enjoy them with your new spouse. This is a great way to remember some of the great times you had, and to get a view of your love from the outside.

If you choose to read these at the reception, it will not only celebrate your love, but it will also give your guests a taste of who you are and how your relationship is. When you read your guests memories of you both, they will feel lucky to have been a part of your love and to be a friend who witnessed a moment that would lead to this day.


Like mentioned before, everyone wants to know the details of your relationship. When it started, where you met, how the proposal happened, and more! There are ways to share the journey of your relationship without having to tell everyone every story.

Rather than naming your reception tables number, give them names that are unique to you. Give a table the name of the mountain you had your first kiss, name one the street your first apartment together was on, and name one the location you were proposed to. On each table, give your guests a mini explanation of what the name means and why it matters to your relationship. This will also be fun for your guests to go around to every table and get the full story of your love.

You could also hang pictures up all around your venue, showing images of you two together, with your friends who are now guests at your special day, and of your families. These photos will also give your guests background information about your relationship and help you share some special memories.


There are many different ways to celebrate your love during the ceremony. Sharing your love story will help the guests feel the importance of this moment even more, and will add a special touch to your wedding.

One special thing you could do is a timeline. Start with pictures of you two as infants at the beginning of the aisle, your photographs on one side, theirs on the other. With each row of seats, progress a few years, eventually getting to when you met. Then the photos can turn into each of your favorite images the two of you, and finally, at the end of the aisle you stand next to your significant other, and continue your journey. This timeline shows your lives and how they somehow got intertwined and landed you here, getting married to your love.

Another thing you could do to add a personal touch to your celebration of love is to have a friend who introduced you two, or who was around your relationship, officiate your wedding. Not only will this add a special touch, it will allow the officiate to share special moment they remember with the two of you. Your relationship started thanks to this friend, and now this friend is marrying you. It is a beautiful circle of life.

For The Guests

While the wedding is about you and your soon-to-be, you will want to make sure your guests have fun and feel like an important part of your celebration. You can add different aspects to your wedding that will make your guests feel special and enjoy your wedding more.

Personalized Note Cards

Depending on the size of your wedding, you could make your guests feel special be writing personalized cards and placing them at their seat for the reception. While this may take a while, when they find a card thanking them for coming all the way from California they will feel like an important guest at your wedding and love the personal touch.

A Guest Photographer

When you hire a wedding photographer, they mainly focus on you and your spouse. But your guests are all dressed up and looking fantastic as well! While they may get featured in a few of photos, a fun idea is to hire another photographer to take pictures of the guests only. There are many different ways to do this that can become a fun and cool way to share this moment with your friends and family.

First, think about getting a photographer with a Polaroid camera. As they take images of the guests, have the guest take the freshly printed image and write a message on the back—this could be marriage advice, a memory of the new couple, or anything like that. After the wedding, take all of these photos and create a scrapbook that you can keep forever, this is a great idea for a guest book as well and a great way to get memories and advice from your favorite people.

You could also have someone record your guests. Have them tell a story about your relationship, tell you why you two are the perfect couple, or anything else they feel like saying! These are fun to watch years down the road and your guests will love feeling like the center of attention for a second. You can share these videos with your guests as well, so everyone can watch the fun advice and memories from your wedding.

Get Them Dancing

Not everyone loves dancing, but dancing at weddings is something that everyone should do. With all the older relatives who have awesome dance moves, there is no reason for your guests to hold back their own moves.

But not everyone will want to dance unless their favorite song suddenly comes on! When you send out invitations, add a line that asks your guests to add their favorite song, and maybe mention “favorite song to dance to” so they know. Compile this list and give it to your DJ so they can play your guests favorites all night long, getting everyone on the dance floor at least once!

When your guests hear their song come on, they won’t be able to stay seated! And the more people who are on the dance floor, the more fun the wedding becomes!

You can also ask any of your musically talented guests to perform a song for your first dance. This will help Incorporate your guests into your wedding and add a fun touch with live music! If they want to perform more than one song, don’t tell them no! Everyone loves live music and this will get people up on their feet and out on the dance floor.

For All

There are aspects of your wedding that can benefit everyone! If you have an open bar at your wedding, you can help it become a little more personal by getting glasses for your guests. Getting individual glasses, whether they are fun mason jars, decorated glasses, or glasses that go with the guest’s drink of choice, will be a great way to give your guests a personal drink. They can reuse these glasses all night and keep them as a fun memory.

Your menu is also an important part of your wedding day celebration. If you pick the perfect catering menu, you and your guests will remember it. This does not just mean having delicious options, it means having options that match your wedding theme, your relationship, and adds to your love story. If you have a morning wedding, brunch options can really make your guests enjoy the beautiful morning and celebration. Or maybe you and your soon-to-be-spouse love mac n’ cheese. At Rouge Fine Catering you can find all of these options for your wedding day catering. From brunch to different mac n’ cheese options and so much more! You are sure to find just what you need to make your wedding menu memorable and meaningful!

If you want to add an extra special touch to your love celebration, follow these tips! Contact Rouge Fine Catering to learn more and get started creating the perfect menu for your wedding day!